" Over specialize and you breed in weakness… It's slow death. "
Major Motoko Kusanagi


My name is Corey Gillquist and I am Gillquist Consulting.

To see what services I can provide, click on both the CoMPUTER and CrEATIVE sections above for specific details.

To view some samples of my creative work, click on the WoRKS section.

I only charge what is fair to both parties.

I only charge for productive time.

I try and work with existing resources as much as possible.

If new resources are needed, I commit to finding what is most affordable and quality.

I do my best to work around a clients schedule.

I eliminate redundancy where it isn't needed.

I always share more efficient processes as they become clear.

If a job becomes too large or if I come across something beyond my knowledge, I can call upon an outstanding co-op of talented consultants in which I am apart to get everything complete.

For more details of this co-op go to: http://www.urrge.com/

One thing I pride myself on is the fact that I have not specialized in any one area of computing.

This allows me to stay flexible and on top of technology as well as have the confidence to work on a very wide variety of projects effectively.

This diversity is probably the greatest reason I've become a consultant.

So, whenever you need help with computing or creative needs, get a hold of me. I'm confident working together will be highly beneficial for both of us.

Please click on info@gillcon.com for my direct e-mail link, or give me a call at the number listed above.